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The Amazing Benefits Of Drinking Three Liters Of Water Per Day For A Month


We often hear about water being the “most indispensable nutrient”, and rightly so. There is nothing that can replace the effects of water’s perfection of simplicity on your health, so look no further. After all, we as humans came from the water and are made out of it.

The equation is simple: more water means better skin, fewer toxins, and slower aging. Although you are probably well acquainted with the “8 cups of water a day” rule, like most things that are good for us, it is sometimes difficult to adhere to in everyday life, especially with all that coffee and soda around us to tempt one.

To help you stay extra-motivated for the challenge of consuming enough water each day, here are some photos that demonstrate the substance’s benefits for the human skin.


Here is how 42-year-old Sarah Smith looked before and after consuming three liters of water a day for 28 days


Photo: Twitter

“Usually I start my day with a cup of tea, then I might have a glass of water with my lunch and one with dinner — that’s about a liter of liquid in 24 hours. It feels like plenty, but apparently, it’s not nearly enough,” Smith told the Daily Mail.

After having headaches and a problems with indigestion, the mother-of-two was advised by a neurologist and nutritionist to drink three liters of water a day. Here are her results week-by-week.

Week 1

Breakouts on different body parts while toxins were being eliminated. The headaches disappeared, however, as did the stiffness in the joints.

Week 2

The skin tone started evening itself out and the shadows and wrinkles around Sarah’s eyes began receding. Blotches on the skin started disappearing, and her breath was fresher.


Week 3

Dark circles under the eyes and wrinkles disappeared, and the skin became firmer. The eyes were less dry, and food intake declined since Sarah was feeling fuller from the water.


Week 4

By the end of the 28 days, Smith says, “I feel fitter, leaner and healthier, and my husband and friends tell me I look ten years younger. Who in their right mind wouldn’t want to try something which gets such incredible results?”


All photos: Daily Mail

If you would like to go down the same path, experts advise not to attempt to get up to three liters a day immediately. Start slowly increasing the amount you’re consuming daily at a rate you are comfortable with; don’t hurry, get there at your own pace and enjoy the benefits once you do.


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