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Here’s How You Skin A Watermelon


There’s never a bad time to have some watermelon. Even though watermelons are 92 percent water, the refreshing fruit is soaked with nutrients. Every inch of the juicy bite contains vitamins A, B6 and C, lots of lycopene, antioxidants and amino acids. The lycopene is linked with heart health, bone and prostate cancer prevention.

So, if it was my decision I would be eating it all the time but sometimes it can be annoying to go through the hassle of cutting up the watermelon into edible pieces. There has to be another way and hopefully, after watching the video below we don’t have to go through that procedure again.

You are going to see Mark Rober who is a former NASA engineer demonstrating how to “skin” a watermelon. Yup, ripping everything out. Have you seen something like this before? Yup, me neither. All you need is a knife and you’re ready to start the party.

watermelon 1

I promise that after watching this, you will want to try it out on the next watermelon you get your hands on. It’s so awesome and it could be just another trick you can show to your friends and blow their minds.

watermelon 2

So what do you think? We are dying to hear your thoughts on this.

Source:Mark Rober

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