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Coleen Rooney Claims That The Cheating Fears Are Killing Her And Is “Considering A £70m Divorce”


Seems like Coleen Rooney is considering a £70m divorce from her footballer-husband Wayne Rooney.


The cute couple who have been childhood sweethearts are in the middle of showdown talks. Coleen is said to be livid with Wayne’s behavior, seeing him arrested for drunk driving with the 29-year-old Laura Simpson’s car.


An angry Coleen is said to have repeatedly asked Wayne:

“Why did you get in that car?

“Why didn’t you get an Uber – or just put her in a taxi?”

Close friends of Coleen say that she is pretty furious over claims that Wayne spent 20 minutes with Laura in the car before sending her to her house, according to The Sun.


31-year-old Coleen is pregnant with their fourth child and is terrified with worry over what the footballer has been up to. This is what a source has claimed according to Unilad:

“To say Coleen is spitting feathers and Wayne is in the doghouse is an understatement.

“She’s furious he was with the girl and does not understand what he was doing, where they were going or why they were together.

“She fears he’s either cheated or was planning to cheat and considering ending it all because of this.

“It’s killing her thinking what would have happened if they had not been stopped by the police.”


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Way back in the 2010, it was revealed that Wayne Rooney slept with prostitute Helen Wood and you can see her interview down below.

A source close to Coleen said:

“Wayne is being extremely contrite and insisting he did nothing wrong with Laura.

“He is saying they were in a big group and was trying to do the right thing and help her out because she was really drunk.”

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Even though Coleen wants to believe him, she finds it very difficult after reading reports of what Laura has said. It was revealed that the two shared a “hug and kiss”


Another source is reported to have said:

“Coleen is a strong woman and knows she would be fine on her own if she ended it.

“She is seriously considering divorce and their marriage is hanging by a thread.

“But in her heart of hearts she does not want to split as she loves Wayne, and because they will soon have four children.

The couple’s crisis talks took place over the weekend at their £4 million home in Prestbury, Cheshire.

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The mother of three is concerned that Wayne decides to go out every time she’s away and is worried since their eldest son Kai, was able to read reports of what his dad has been up to.

The source continued:

“Coleen has already told Wayne he’s in the last chance saloon and he’s now worried it could all be over.

“He will certainly have to change his ways if they are to have a future together.”

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As for Rooney’s arrest, it came right after he went out with pals on Thursday afternoon to give his ex teammate Wes Brown a send-off before leaving for India.

Laura Simpson hit out on social media even for fat-shaming trolls. Her friends also pushed for the 29-year-old to appear in this year’s version of I’m a Celebrity: Get Me Out Of Here.


Rooney is now set to appear at Stockport court on September 18th, charged with driving over the limits.


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