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25 Ways You Can Put Your Attic To Good Use


It’s so cool to have your own secret room, isn’t it? Like in the movies: just pull the correct book or the candlestick and the bookcase will move to reveal the room hidden behind it. But, not all of us can afford to have one of those. The closest we can come to a secret room is the attic.

There is something special about the attic that makes it very appealing. But it’s not an easy space to design. More often than not, we use the attic for storage, and it’s known to get a bit messy and disorganized. It doesn’t have to be that way. Here are a few ideas, suggested by Colorful Planet, about how best to use your attic for anything you want.

1. Wooden Shelves


Convert your attic into a storage space by adding some shelves. The containers placed on them are a great way to keep things organised.

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2. Mini-Library


The attic is a great place for reading. If you have no room in your house for your extensive book collection, you can put up some bookshelves and a reading bench in the attic.

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3. Bunkroom


If you have a big family and not enough space in the house, turn your attic into a bunkroom. You can fit two double-decker beds in there, add some bookcases for storage, and there you go. Going to their room will feel like an adventure for your children.

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4. Office


When you have a home office, you need it to be a quiet place where you can work in peace. What better place to use for this purpose than the attic? You won’t get interrupted by people walking by and by being above all the other rooms, you will avoid most of the noise.

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5. Teen Bedroom


The attic can be a great bedroom not just for small children, but for teens as well. Placing a bed like this with a lot of storage drawers and some shelves up in the attic is a great solution for when your teenager needs their own space.

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6. Bookcase Stair Railings


Get two for the price of one. This stair railing will keep you from falling all the way down to the first floor and it will provide a place to keep your books.

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7. Shoe Storage


Most women have dozens of pairs of shoes and nowhere to keep them. You can use the attic for this as well. The owner of this attic has added a couch too: for when you want to rest or read without being disturbed.

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8. Wood Crate Storage


Don’t spend too much money on the shelves. Use some wood crates instead. They are cheaper, but useful.

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9. Closet Storage


Create your own walk-in closet in the attic. Add a closet with hanging rods and now you have a place to keep the clothes you aren’t currently using, like the winter coats and other gear.

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10. Closet Storage With Drawers


Here is another idea for an attic closet. This person has installed some drawers and a shelf for extra storage space. The mirror is a great addition as it allows you to try on your clothes on the spot.

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11. Clothes Drawers


Save space by putting some clothes drawers in your attic. The drawers cleverly slide into the wall, which allows you to use the space beneath the sloped ceiling.

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12. Window Seat


A window seat is a great place for reading. A window seat in the attic is even better. And don’t waste the space beneath it: use it for storage.

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13. Wood Shelf Unit


Don’t let your attic get cluttered. Keep your things neatly stored in storage bins placed on wooden shelves. Label the boxes and you will always know where to find what you need.

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14. Stacking Cabinets


This is another way you can use your attic as storage. Install some stacking cabinets, with book shelves, and different sized drawers.

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15. Pulley System


Sometimes it’s complicated getting stuff up the ladder and into the attic. You can make this process easier with a pulley system. This person designed and built his own pulley system with a few ropes and a lot of creativity.

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16. Children’s Library


You can build a wall library in the attic. It’s a great place to keep all your kids’ books, as well as their trophies. The space underneath the bookshelves can be used to store their toys.

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17. Bedrooom


This is the perfect way to use every last square centimeter of the attic. Beds, window seat, bookshelves, and drawers – what more do you need in a bedroom?

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18. Guest Bedroom


You can also make the attic into a guest bedroom with a pullout bed. Add some bookshelves and cabinets for storage and decoration.

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19. Built-in Drawers and Corner Shelves


Yet another idea for making the most out of the corners.

20. Sliding Barn Doors


If you want to keep the things you’ve stored out of view, install some wooden sliding barn doors.

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21. Shelves For Kids Toys


Your attic can be an amazing playroom for your children. Store your kids’ toys in labelled boxes on open shelves. It provides an easy access to the desired toy.

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22. Off-Season Clothing Storage


Store your off-season clothes and shoes in the attic. It’s a great idea for keeping things you’re not using out of your way.

23. Exterior Wall


Use your exterior walls for creating extra storage space. Putting up some closets in the wall is one way to create more space in small houses.

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24. Angled Brackets


Angled brackets are the way to go to make the most out of the slanted ceiling and to increase the storage space in the attic.

25. Storage Shelves


Another option for putting the sloped walls to good use is to build shelves like these.

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