12 Ways To Maximise Your House’s Storage Space

We can never have enough storage! We are always buying more and more stuff, but we loathe to toss out the old things. So we throw them in a cupboard or in the attic and they just keep on piling up. So much so, that our houses become completely disorganized and we can never find what we are looking for. That’s enough of that, thank you. Thanks to The Family Handyman, here we offer you 12 solutions you can employ to keep your place neat and tidy by organizing all of your things in an orderly fashion.

1. Heavy-duty utility shelves

You could buy shelving units from the store, but know that they could be very flimsy and very expensive. Instead, you could go for building your own. This way you will make sure that the shelves are strong and sturdy, and they could end up costing you no more than $70! If you use plastic storage bins instead of the cardboard ones shown on the picture, you can label them using a wet-erase marker. That way if you change the contents of the bin, you can easily re-label it!


2. Stud space cabinet

Sometimes you need more shelves but you have nowhere to put them! In that case you can create more space by recessing the shelves into a wall. Find a spot with no obstructions, and make sure the shelves will fit before starting to build them. Use a stud locator to find the studs, as well as the electrical wires and the plumbing. Cut through the drywall with a saw, and start building!


3. Behind-the-door storage

It’s not a lot of space, but you can install some shallow shelves behind a door. Keep in mind that the maximum depth of the shelves equals the distance from the door hinges to the wall. The cost of the materials necessary is approximately $40.


4. Joist space storage

You can make good use of all that space between the joists in your basement or garage. All you need to do is to put up some wire shelving. Use screws to attach it to the underside of the joists, and enjoy the extra storage space.


5. Closet nook shelves

Don’t let the space at the recessed ends of your closet go to waste! Build some wire shelves in there. They come in different widths, and you can even ask the salesperson to cut them to your desired dimensions.


6. Shoe storage booster stool

Two-in-one! This handy stool will serve as an excellent choice for shoe storage, and you can also use it as a step ladder to reach the high shelf. It will only take you one hour to build it, and you can conveniently keep it parked inside your

7. Stacked recycling tower

You need only five plastic containers, some wooden boards, some screws, and one hour of your time to build this very useful tower. It will save you so much space!house

8. Sandwich bag parts organizer

You need to keep all your building paraphernalia well organized. What better way to make sure all those small parts, like screws, connectors, and nails, are visible and within easy reach than to build this rack that can hold them in resealable bags?


9. Two-story closet shelves

Most closets have a lot of unused space above the shelf. Maybe it’s a bit difficult to reach it, but when it comes to storage every little nook and cranny counts. Add one more shelf above the existing one, and you can use this space to keep things you use rarely.


10. Back-of-door organizer

You can put the door that leads to your closet or utility room to better use by hanging tools and all sorts of miscellaneous objects onto it. The only problem could be that your door isn’t made of a material that can be used as a mounting surface. But you can fix this by screwing in some plywood to the back of the door.


11. Double-Decker closet rod

You can double your closet’s hanging space by mounting another closet rod. Make sure that your existing rod is at least 66 in. from the ground. That means that you have sufficient space for a second rod which you can use for hanging shirts and slacks.


12. Glass shower shelf

There is a way to finally unclutter the rim of your bathtub! Place all your shampoo and conditioner bottles on a tempered safety glass shelf instead. You can order the glass shelf from a local glass company, and the cable shelf bracket you will need for mounting it online. Your bathroom has never been neater!

From: familyhandyman