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15 Ways To Substitute Essential Makeup Products In A Pinch


Just because you don’t have your trusty makeup kit with you, it doesn’t mean you are in trouble. Whether it’s because you are spending the night at a friend’s house and you’ve left the kit at home, or simply because some essential supplies have run out and you still haven’t replenished them, these simple tips will help you through the tough times of lacking an important cosmetic product. This list of hacks was compiled by Diply.

1. Makeup remover

If you need to remove the makeup, but it’s of the waterproof variety and water is no good, you can use some Vaseline instead. Choose a cocoa-scented one – it will get the job done and it will smell amazing.


2. Makeup wipes

When you don’t have any makeup wipes handy, any kind of tissue will do. Softer tissues are the best and combined with Vaseline, they will remove your mascara and eye shadow in a flash.

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3. Brush

Tissues can be an excellent substitute for a brush as well. You can blot away the shine and the oil from your face with one, which will make sure your makeup sets nicely.


4. Leftover makeup remover

If you have some makeup still remaining around your lash line, or even if you have made a mistake while applying it, using a Q-tip can solve your problem.


5. Applying lipstick

You can squeeze the last drop of lipstick from the container with the help of a Q-tip. Just don’t forget to dampen it first, because if you don’t the cotton fibers will stick to the lipstick.


6. Smokey eyes

The wonderful invention that is the Q-tip has yet another use! Instead of taking off your makeup at the end of the day, you can use a Q-tip in the morning to create the smokey eye effect. Just smudge your makeup a bit and there you go!

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7. Toothbrush

It’s not very likely that you will happen to have a spare toothbrush, but on the off chance that you do, you can use it to tame you eyebrows. And you can apply some hairspray on it for extra strength.


8. Toothbrush – again!

You can also use the toothbrush to comb your eyelashes. This is a great way to ensure that your mascara won’t clump and that your lashes will look clean and long.


9. Toothbrush – yet again!

Wow, who knew all these hidden uses for a simple toothbrush? A toothbrush is a great tool to exfoliate the dead skin off your lips. Afterwards, use a moisturizing lip balm and your lips will look lovely.


10. Blush applicator

Cotton pads make for excellent blush applicators. Only make sure you start with a small amount, and then add some more if necessary.

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11. Blush

Having no blush handy is not an issue if you have some lipstick. Apply a tiny bit of lipstick on the apples of your cheeks. You will achieve a warmer look and no-one will be able to tell it wasn’t blush you used.

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12. Lip liner

You can make your lips look fuller even without lip liner. Add some ground cinnamon into your lip scrub (you can use your toothbrush for this as well), and gently apply the mixture on your lips.


13. Contouring

If you don’t have the necessary items for contouring, you can use some eye shadow or bronzer to achieve the effect. It works the other way around as well.

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14. Highlighter

Highlighter can be substituted in a similar way. A lighter shade of eye shadow can be used as a highlighter. But less is definitely more in this case: make sure you use a small portion of eye shadow.


15. Showering

Now, you don’t always have enough time to shower in the morning! In a pinch, you can fix your greasy hair by massaging some baby powder into your roots and scalp.

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