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How to Wear Jeans & Boots


Jeans and boots are always a favourite coming in to Autumn. They are just so versatile and you can create lots of different look with the type of jeans and length of boots, so usually a winner all round.

There are some instances however that can look slightly dodge but not to worry we’re here to set you right on the boots and jeans trail.

This is definitely the most versatile as you can wear any length of boots with the tight at the ankle jeggings. High, mid or ankle booties will all fit with the style.


Boyfriend Type of Jeans

These jeans can be kind of loose so they tend to look a bit baggy with knee high boots, so it’s its best to avoid the farmer look. But they look great with ankle boots if you turn up the jeans at the bottom to show just a little flash of skin or colored sock.


Drain-Pipe Jeans
These tight fitting jeans will look good with knee-highs, but when you are wearing them with ankle boots be sure to show off some skin by folding and making more creases in the thigh.


These are my tips for wearing boots and jeans, share with us your favorite ones and let all of us look good all the time. Have fun!


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