Check If You Are Wearing The Correct Bra Size for Your Body

Did you know that statistic shows that a huge number of around 80% of women are wearing the wrong size bra? And, it well-known fact that the incorrect size of the bra can cause a series of health problems.

This may not look like a big deal to you but, as it turns out, back and shoulder pain, indigestion, headache and stretching your boobs are some of them.

The bra that doesn’t fit you, is not only affecting how your boobs look. It can also result in a whole slew of side effects. You might wonder now, how do you know you were never fitted correctly?
There is a series of signs that shows that you might be wearing a bra that doesn’t fit you correctly. And, maybe you have been buying the incorrect number of your bra for years.
However, bras get worn out, breasts change over time, and you lose the support you need. So, you should probably choose your next bra, very carefully.
If you display any of these following signs, courtesy of tiphero, you should look for a new bra that will be the correct size for you.


1.Your straps slip off

Try first to tighten them a little bit, and if they keep falling off your shoulder, even after you have adjusted them, you should go down a size in your band.

2.Your band rides up

Look in the mirror and check if your band is even. Your band should be placed horizontally across your back. If your band likes to visit your neck region it’s too big. You should go down a band size, for example from a 36 to 34.

3.Your underwire is assaulting you

The underwire doesn’t necessarily mean that is uncomfortable. This means that your cup size is too small. You should increase your cup size in order to keep it from digging into your skin.

4. Your cup overflows

Some women think that this is nice and that is the way their boobs should look like. However, that’s wrong. There shouldn’t be any spillage on top or on the sides of your bra. Now is the time to go up a cup size, or even two.

5. Shoulder indentations or pain

The straps shouldn’t do breast lift they should feel comfortable and not sinking into your skin. For better support, you should try a smaller band size.

6.Your bra isn’t centered

The bra’s front center shouldn’t be floating in the air, so if that’s the case with your bra you should up the cup and downsize your band.

7. You’ve got wrinkled cups or gaps

If the cup is big, the fabric bunches. You need to go down a cup because your boobs should fill the cups in order to prevent gaps between your breasts.

8. You have back rolls

This bulge is not a back fat, actually is your bra being too tight and squeezing your skin. This means that your band is too small. However, if the back rolls are created when the band rides up, you should decrease your band size.

9. You’re not using the loosest hook

At the beginning, you should feel more comfortable using the middle hook or the loosest one. Because this way you will be able to tighten it when the bra stretches over time. However, if it is already too loose, go should go down a band size.



If you want to check your right size at home, try using an online calculator for more accuracy. However, another option is visiting a professional for a fitting.
Next time when you are purchasing a bra don’t just look for a fancy lingerie or your favorite color, but rather consider all of these signs to go for the correct bra size that will fit you correctly and give your breasts the support they need.

Also, you should consider all your body changes, like pregnancy or gain weight. When was the last time you had your bra size checked?

Source: tiphero