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What Really Happens When You Stop Wearing Makeup?

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If you’re not one of those people who always¬†wears makeup, then you probably live what you’re about to see in the video. But if makeup is your thing, then you might find this interesting.

Have you had that liberating feeling, where you get out of bed, shower, get dressed and simply leave the house? You may find it inconceivable, but this is what every morning looks like for people who don’t use makeup. They don’t have to get up earlier to paint a full face. They don’t have to put up with various coverage formula and the only thing they use is probably moisturizer and lip balm.

Can you imagine?

Whereas the other part of the world doesn’t get those, oh so sweet fifteen minutes of extra sleep and feels naked without at least a bit of foundation and mascara.

Do you belong to the latter group? Because below we have a video that shows you exactly what happens when you stop wearing makeup. You’d be amazed, really.


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