A Wedding Footage That Will Break Your Heart In Pieces

Wedding Footage That Will Break Your Heart In Pieces


Behold the footage of Lexi and CJ’s wedding day that might possibly break your heart into hundreds of pieces!

Being at the age when all of my friends are getting engaged and married, always makes me think back to my past and reflect on the relationships I had.

I always strive to have empathy and to encourage my partner when I am getting close to someone.

I believe that ultimately, love is about letting the other live, and enact their deepest wishes, and just helping their utmost potential as human beings on this Earth.

This story inspired deep thoughts inside me.

Seeing this man being so reflective of his emotions and knowing very well that he has found the love of his life evokes bittersweet feelings in me. Will I ever find the love of my life?

“For the first 23 years of my life, Lord had his hand on me as I experienced love from my family members, my friends and mentors that he put along my path,” says CJ in a very humbling tone.

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“One truth that I’ve come to known is that experiencing love and understanding love are two different entities.”

These are his wedding vows.

“Along the journey, we all go through, of wanting and hoping for the right one…as scripture tells us, it’s really not about waiting for the right one, it’s about being the right one.”

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At the reception, we will hear words directed at the bride and the groom from their closest ones.

“CJ and I have known each other for over 20 years,” says his best man. “Today, I look at my best friend, the brother I’ve always wanted, and I hope to lead him into the commitment that he’ll do for the rest of his life.”

“I remember the day you were born and how you captured my heart,” recalled the bride’s father, “with those big, baby blue eyes… you are my little girl, my princess, a ray of sunshine, and no matter your age, you’ll always be those things to me.”

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Now, it’s the time for the bride to give her vows.

“I hope my life in serving you will say what words cannot.”

“As I stand here looking my future in his eyes I can’t help but to think about our Father’s grace. Without it, I wouldn’t be standing here as your bride.”

“CJ, you are the most incredible person I know. You’ve always pursued me, you never wavered, you are more than I could’ve ever dreamed of!”

As we see a video montage of her being taken out in front of her husband for the first time, with him waiting at the aisle, we see CJ break down in tears!

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Imagine the love these two have for each other!

“Lexi, with this ring I give you my heart. With all that I have and all that I am, I will honor you.”

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Watch the video below, but maybe have a tissue close by, as this will warm any cold-blooded creature.


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