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10 Wedding Cakes That Probably Brought Brides To Tears


Being a bride and taking care of everything in your wedding can be very tiring. There are just a lot of things to take care of. The hardest part about planning a wedding for some people is to find the dream cake. For me, I was dreaming of my wedding cake before I was dreaming about the man I would share it with. Sorry. But what make it more difficult was being a vegan bride on the budget. It was for sure that finding the perfect cake would be very challenging. After doing some searching on google, I found out that I wasn’t the only one struggling with this problem. There were tons of brides like me, worrying about this. And even once your cake is found, there is always the worry that someone will mess it up. You don’t believe me? Watch the pictures below:

1. “Oh yes, this is exactly what we wanted.”

Remember folks, cakes can and do melt.

10 Wedding Cakes That Probably Brought Brides To Tears 1


2. “I can totally make my own wedding cake!”

Can you?

10 Wedding Cakes That Probably Brought Brides To Tears 2


3. “I always wanted a perfect Tiffany blue cake for my wedding.”

Here you go! Ummm…no.



4. “Oooh, yes I do think a little decorative dusting would look great.”

You sure that’s “a little”?



5. “We’d like an exact replica of Mexico’s beaches, please!”

I don’t think they’re this sandy



6. Every little girl’s dream wedding cake

A pile of white with what look like salt and pepper shakers as toppers. Maybe some decorative dusting would help! NOT.



7. “We’re open to suggestions.”

This is why you shouldn’t be. Psst…is that jello?



8. “We stand here today to witness…”

…a serious disaster in the making. This cake is credited for being trendy, but its structure is questionable. One cut and it all falls down.



9. And then there’s always this to worry about.

Even when everything goes right, it can still go so wrong.



10. “We want a nice spring-themed wedding cake, please.”

I’m sorry, but did you even use a baking pan? How do tiers even turn out like that? Plus, this yellow mountain isn’t spring-themed just because you stick a few flowers on it.



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