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What NOT To Wear To A Wedding

What to wear

When is it not wedding season? The shops are packed with florals, the designers have excellent stuff coming out, so much to choose from for the next wedding you’re attending.

Just, make sure you’re not one of those guests that make tacky clothing choices, and you’re good. Here’s what you have to look out for.

1. Don’t wear white to a wedding

girl in white dress

People consider this an old-fashioned rule, and maybe the bride is cool about it. But it’s tacky and it’s the most common mistake girls make at a wedding. Never wear anything that can be mistaken for a wedding dress. According to Martha Stewart Weddings, “If you do show up in white, you’re not technically doing anything wrong, but people might talk and you’ll be known as “the girl who wore white at so-and-so’s wedding.” It’s just not worth it. Let the big day be about the guest of honor — the bride — and save your white dress for a special occasion that doesn’t involve vows.”

2. Don’t wear red

woman wearing red dress

In all honesty, there’s nothing wrong with this, but the issue is that it draws attention. Especially if you’re super hot, if we’re being frank. We know you’re gorgeous, but try not to steal the show. Go for deep cranberry, as an alternative.

3, Don’t ignore the dress code

cocktail dress

Always check the invitation for a dress code. Black tie needs an evening gown or a cocktail dress, a white tie requires a ball gown and for lounge suits you can go for a daytime summer dress, a skirt, or a light suit. Just pay attention. You don’t want to feel out of place.

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