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Traditional Wedding Outfits From Around The World

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Who said that the wedding dress has to be white? There are always rules you can break, even though this tradition is credited to Queen Victoria, she wasn’t the first royal to start it anyways. Western cultures follow the white weddings and bridal gown but if you look globally you can see that a lot of cultures take a more colorful approach. They wear a lot of colorful garments, local jewelry and of course that in the end, you can dress however you have imagined for your big day. Perhaps you can get some inspiration too from the different parts of the world.

Japanese wedding

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These designs of Japanese kimono are very famous around the world. The bride that wears the white kimono, symbolises purity and maidenhood. Then she would change to a red kimono tsymbolisesizes good luck and prosperity.

Ghanaian wedding

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The groom enters in the bride’s house, explaining that he has seen a “beautiful flower”that he would like to “uproot”. Awww!

Romanian wedding

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The couple here is dressed in traditional wedding clothes. The groom has to be shaved in the early morning by the best man, and the bride is prepared by her mother and close friends.

Lebanese wedding

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The traditional outfit is followed by the traditional “derbake” drum that conjoins the bride’s and groom’s separated parties into a third one.

Sri Lankan wedding

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Usually, the bride wear a Kandyan sari which is made from silver and gold. The dress is from silk weighed down with pearls, stones and sequins.

Indian wedding

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The bride wears a red or pink dress and identifies with a red spot in the middle of her forehead.

Scottish wedding

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The groom wears the traditional kilt of his family and the bride wears an identical scarf to signify her transition. So cool!

Ethiopian wedding

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Matching designs are a MUST for both, bride and groom.

Indonesian wedding

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Traditional Indonesian wedding clothes depend on the island. That’s because Indonesia counts over 17,000 islands.

Chinese wedding

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The red color is considered lucky for Chinese and also protects them from evil spirits.


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As Romanians, they have their wedding traditional clothes too.

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