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Stunning Wedding Hair and Makeup Tutorial


Your wedding is the one day to pull out all the stops and look absolutely stunning.

Although the traditional White Wedding as we know it today did not appear until the XIX century with the marriage of Queen Victoria of England. She was the first to wear white lace for her big day. Some hair and makeup traditions have lasted for centuries.


So if you are going to get married soon – do not feel daunted! Millions of women have done wedding makeup and hair before, even when the only visuals to get inspired by were paintings. In fact, in XV-century Renaissance Italy brides were already competing with one another with their elaborate hairstyles and makeup.

Thankfully, today we have first class Youtube video tutorials that are going to give you an endless stream of inspiration for your wedding day. This one, prepared by the Indian channel Beauty Mantra is one such example – after all, the Indian bridal Henna makeup and decoration is one of the most famous and long lasting wedding traditions in the world.

Source:Beauty Mantra

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