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Wedding Hairstyles for a Round Face Shape


If your big day is coming up and you’re overwhelmed by all the choices you have to make, don’t worry we’re here to help.

Wedding hair can also be a mine field if you’re not particularly used to get your hair professionally styled. Different look suit different faces, so if you have a round face we’ve selected the best looks for your face shape.

So first be sure your face is round
Are your cheekbones almost the same width as the length of your face?
Do you have a soft jawline and non-angular features?

Or do you identify with any of the following actresses?


So before we start with the recommendations, let’s do a quick round up of what to avoid. The following hairstyles universally do not suit people with round faces.

  • Slick backed hairstyles with all hair off your face
  • Hairstyles that add width around the side of your face, which makes your face appear wider
  • Straight, flat bangs, as this shortens your face
  • Center partings

Check out below and see if you agree…



Now we know what to avoid, lets see what look we should be going for with a round face.


The deep center parting realigns the eye giving you a more oval looking face. This down-do is glamorous and timeless, as the waves only add width on side and can be used with all hair lengths.


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