17 Wedding Tattoos That Prove Way Cooler Than Conventional Rings


When it comes to marrying somebody, the time-tested and approved way of showing that is a matching wedding ring. Once you see it, you know that someone is married, but who said that rings are the only way of showing your eternal love for your better half?

To put this all into perspective, in the Fast and the Furious movies, Vin Diesel’s character is married to Michelle Rodriguez’s character, and at the wedding, Vin’s character Dominic forgets to bring a wedding ring, so he takes off his treasured cross necklace and puts it on Letty as a sign of his eternal love. See? It’s not just rings that show a sign of marriage.

Then again, it doesn’t have to stop there. One of the latest trends are some matching wedding tattoos, and some of the best ones have been found, as with many items in life, on Instagram.

Here are some of the best ones.

1. It’s eternal

17 Wedding Tattoos That Prove Way Cooler Than Conventional Rings 2

2. These tend to be symmetric or matching

In this case, it’s both!

17 Wedding Tattoos That Prove Way Cooler Than Conventional Rings 3

3. But hey, the rings don’t have to be omitted

This couple kept them, while also tattooing the date of the wedding below the rings. It’s the best of both worlds!


4. Just in case you were wondering


5. Tattoo a diamond on your finger

Without shelling out tons more cash on an actual diamond. Plus, you won’t have to take it off ever!


6. Wedding date in Roman numerals


7. “I know”


8. May good luck follow these two


9. Some really deep statements here


10. Or to completely contrast from everything… LIMES!


11. A pair of Celtic symbols to go back to ancient cultures


12. An anchor may not be a common choice among most people

But it may have a bigger significance to those wearing it.


7. Some floral nature tattoos over here


8. These are pretty hardcore


9. Ah, you know, just some mountains


10. Cupid’s arrow found them


11. Dia de Los Muertos-themed tattoos


Source:The Berry, twentytwowords

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