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Wedge Salad Recipe With A Little Twist

Wedge Salad Recipe With A Little Twist

The wedge salad is a great side dish for any meal. Commonly perceived as a summer salad because of its refreshing qualities, it’s actually a dish for all seasons.

If you are a wedge salad fan, we challenge you to give it a twist next time you prepare it. Find out how to keep the recognizable crunchy texture and its fresh flavors, but give it an innovative niche. So get your blue cheese, tomatoes and bacon bits ready, and scroll down for the recipe.


So what’s the big secret?

Serving the wedge salad in the form of a disc!

This form not only looks cooler, but it is easier to clean and will give you a flat, even surface as a basis for the toppings. In turn, the wedge will absorb more of the ingredients which will make the salad juicier and accentuate the different tastes.

wedge 2

Before you start the preparation, make sure you leave your lettuce in the back of your freezer for a while. This will give it that crispy, crunchy texture you are going for and which is such an important part of the wedge salad experience.

wedge 3


Iceberg lettuce, cut into discs
6 oz. blue cheese
2/3 cup mayo
Vegetable oil
White wine vinegar
Cherry or grape tomatoes
Bacon bits


Cut the lettuce into the shape of a disc. Before you start, leave the lettuce in the freezer for a short while so it gets cold and crunchy. Remove the salad from the freezer and leave the discs to dry.

For the dressing, put the blue cheese into a bowl. Add mayo, oil, and vinegar and whisk until they are combined in a cohesive mass.

Put the dressing on top of the lettuce discs. Top with tomatoes, bacon bits and chives, and finish off with one final dollop of dressing. Bon appétit!


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