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How To Do A Weekend Look with Kaushal Beauty


Have you ever counted the days until the weekend even though it’s just Monday? I don’t even know why I’m asking. We have all been there especially after a stressful week at work or preparing for finals.

Do you know the famous YouTube channel Kaushal Beauty? She’s from Canada and her makeup tutorials are always so helpful. You can judge that by the 1,554,173 and rising subscribers.

This time, she shows us how to do a Saturday day out makeup look and how to turn it into a night look for the evening.


Kaushal also shares with us her weekend routine which contains a lot of fun with her husband.


She thinks of herself as a positive thinker, shopaholic, hopeless romantic. You can buy her bracelets on

Take a look and see how Kaushal spends her glamorous Saturday. Enjoy!

Source:Kaushal Beauty

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