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19 Weight Loss Transformations Photos To Give You Some Motivation


The internet currently is oversaturated with stories and photos of people losing a huge amount of body weight in a relatively short amount of time. And while they may be getting a bit long in the tooth now, it’s amazing to see how those people have changed their appearance and their life, managing to motivate other people to lose weight in the process.

These are [probably] the best weight loss transformations you’ll see today, and possibly even this week.

1. This is Paul Mason

He used to weigh close to 1000 lbs, but lost more than half of that weight and is now looking much better1


2. This woman used to weigh over 260 lbs

She managed to lose 120 lbs in 9 months.


3. Pat made headlines all over the internet with his incredible weight loss

He lost an incredible 325 pounds after being told that he wouldn’t live much longer.


4. An alcohol addiction contributed to her weight gain

She is now looking much healthier and much prettier!


5. This guy promised himself something

If he managed to lose the weight, he’d fit in one leg of his jeans, and as you can see, that worked!


6. Not a super intense weight loss

But still an inspiration.


7. 100 pounds lighter means no more beer belly!


8. Definitely not the same clothes


9. This guy is suffering from a common problem that obese people have after losing weight

He has extra skin on his stomach that requires surgery to be removed.


10. Half a year of running and lifting


11. One year and 170 lbs later

This guy is looking much better.


12. This girl lost half her body weight

That’s amazing!


13. This guy had quite a bad diet

10,000 junk-food sourced calories per day, but he’s looking great.


14. Nearly 100 lbs lost

She looks amazing!


15. And it’s not just the pounds that might drop off

The hair might do so as well.


16. From 600 to 230 lbs


17. This guy also lost more than half his body weight

Is it just me or does he kinda look like Ed Sheeran on the right?


18. That’s certainly a far cry


19. This guy lost 145 pounds and is looking so much better


Which one of these transformations was your favorite? Got any of your own stories to share? Share them in the comments!


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