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Weird International Fast Food Items For The Bravest Of Them All


Curiosity is in our human nature, but being curious about food is not everyone’s best quality. Some people love experimenting with food and trying on new meals, whereas some would take the same order even if they go to the same restaurant for the hundredth time. If you are of the former type, you would probably want to experience international meals. And not any kind of meals, but fast food items, of course! Here are some weird international fast food items for the bravest of them all.

And, as you would imagine, a lot of this stuff is only offered in Asia, specifically Japan.

1. KFC’s edible coffee cups (The U.K.)


Have you ever wanted a coffee cup you can eat afterwards? I know I have! KFC finally understands your wishes and will do anything to make them come true.  Their edible coffee cup is made from a wafer cookie and coated with white chocolate that keeps the heat inside. Yummy!

2. Burger King’s pizza-sized burgers (Japan)


When you mix the two absolute favorites in one place it’s just beyond lovely Burger King of Japan released a burger the size of a pizza, which you can take apart in burger slices and share with your friends. Or if you don’t want to share, you can just eat it on your own.

3. Pizza Hut’s cheeseburger stuffed crust pizza (Japan)


Pizza Hut got really ambitious in Japan and elsewhere in the world! These may sound or look weird, but for the cheeseburger fans, they are perfect!

4. Taco Bell’s Chocodilla (Guatemala)


Fast food corporations keep putting desserts on their menus, and fans can’t really resist them. You’d probably still give the Taco Bell Chocodilla a try if you happened to be in Guatemala, right? It’s basically a tortilla with BabyRuth candy and chocolate sauce inside. Sounds good to me!

5. Burger King’s Xtra Long Chili Cheese (South Africa and Australia)


Burger King has decided that their burgers weren’t long enough, so they added a few inches, and a whole lot of meat. This particular Xtra Long features a mountain of meat, chili cheese, and jalapeños, to burn your tongue!

6. KFC’s Double Down Dog (Philippines)


KFC’s original Double Down experiment that started with a chicken sandwich with fried chicken in place of the usual bun failed. Then, KFC decided to do a more ambitious project yet: the Double Down Dog. Pork and chicken this time!

7. Pizza Hut’s Squirting Crust Pizza (Malaysia)


If you ever get bored of pizza, go visit Malaysia. Pizza Hut rolled out a pie at their Malaysian locations that shoots piping hot cheese sauce from the crust. Sounds fun to try! As long as you don’t make a mess of yourself.

8. First Kitchen’s Kit Kat Sandwich (Japan)


Of course, you can only find this in Japan! I wonder how they are such a fit nation! First Kitchen of Japan has introduced the world to the Kit Kat Sandwich, which is a Kit Kat bar smothered in whipped cream and sandwiched between two slices of white bread. This delicious sandwich is also super cheap ($1.89)!

9. Burger King’s Whopper 7 (Japan)


Having 1,000 calories and enough fat to send you to fat Heaven, it might as well be the worst burger you will see. In honor of the release of Windows 7, Burger King of Japan unveiled a seven-patty Whopper. It looks dangerous to me, though.

10. Pizza Hut’s Double Decker Pizza (Singapore)


Pizza Hut Singapore’s Double Decker Pizza is probably the most creative pizza out there! The first floor of this madness is an ordinary pizza with ordinary, unassuming toppings like chicken, pepperoni, stuffed crust, and bell papers. The upper layer, on the other hand, it is a tortilla drizzled with mango mayonnaise and garnished with a respectable turkey ham. Sounds tasty!

11. The Starbuck’s cheese muffin (Hong Kong)


Eating vegetables is good for you and eating sweets tastes good. Combining them together? Sounds good for this spinach, green bean, and cheese muffin.

12. Burger King’s Black Ninja Burger (Japan)


Source: Stuart Rankin/Flickr

Burger King of Japan has released the ninja kuro burger, with black buns! This is thanks to tobamboo charcoal, of course. Also, there is a hash brown patty, Chaliapin sauce, and a long floppy slice of bacon to serve as the tongue, because all ninjas have large phallic tongues. You gotta give Japan for trying to be creative!

13. Starbucks’s Jelly Frappuccino (Japan)


The jelly in question is made from coffee beans and provides a slimy, sort of refreshing texture and taste. At least that’s what they say…

14. Pizza Hut’s Surf-and-Turf (and Dessert!) Pizza (South Korea)


If you ever wanted to eat dinner and dessert at the same time, here your deal. Head to a Pizza Hut in South Korea, where they’ve introduced the most unusual pizza of them all! The Surf-and-Turf sports an impressive collection of seafood, sausage, steak, and bacon. Once you’ve enjoyed all that hot mess, you’ll find an apple cream cheese turnover shoved into the crust.

15. Wendy’s Fois Gras Burger (Japan)


Fois gras is a controversial delicacy, made by force feeding ducks corn with a tube, fattening their liver and producing a buttery meat luxury food. Sounds fancy, right? Japan is selling these things at $16 each. Sounds too fncy to me!

16. Tim Hortons’s Buffalo Crunch Donut (Canada)


They may have completely ruined the donut thing, but what can you do? The pastry is glazed with crushed chips and oozing with buffalo hot sauce in the middle, which you use as a dipping sauce for the two tiniest tortilla chips of all time.

17. Burger King’s Berry Burgers (Japan)


In Japan, you can order a burger filled with a mix of raspberries, cranberries, and blueberries, in case you wanted to mix berries with meat, of course.

18. Burger King’s Pumpkin Burger (Japan)


This one, of course, is available in Japan. It features tender slices of pumpkin piled atop slabs of bacon and beef!

19. Pizza Hut’s Chee-Zee Marmite Stuffed Crust Pizza (New Zealand)


Marmite (or Vegemite) is a paste made from beer-brewed yeast, and some people are crazy about it. The Pizza Hut chain launched a marmite version of their stuffed crust pizza, which features the sticky stuff alongside mozzarella cheese. Yuck or Yum – you decide!

20. Domino’s Pizza’s Peanut and Mayonnaise Crust Pizza (Taiwan)


The Taiwanese branch of the restaurant has started serving this as a way to diversify their menu. The crust is filled with a peanut sauce with mayonnaise thrown in.

21. Dunkin’ Donut’s Pork and Seaweed Donut (China)


How do you even eat this? I can’t even imagine a pork donut, sorry. Brave enough!

Here are some more outrageous fast food items.

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