Yikes, That’s Awful! People React To Weird Portrait Of Michelle Obama

The National Portrait Gallery in Washington DC was the cause of public turmoil, as President Barack Obama and first lady Michelle uncovered their portraits on Monday. And… Well, a lot of people had mixed reactions. VERY mixed reactions!

As The Daily Mail reports, President Obama’s striking portrait by Kehinde Wiley was very positively received. It garnered some pretty audible gasps of awe from the audience, but, when it came to Michelle’s portrait, things took the opposite turn.

It was done by Amy Sherald, and many people were disappointed. They likened it to ‘a sketch by a sixth grader.’


Artist Amy Sherald, right, is from Baltimore. But the crowds weren’t impressed.


Which… If I’m being honest, I can see why.


People on Twitter didn’t waste time to express their opinions:


Some sentiments were pretty comical, like this one from Chrissy Teigen, the wife of John Legend!


One of the main sentiments was that the woman on the painting looked nothing like the First Lady.


Regardless of the artist’s best intention, the portrait definitely makes you go ‘mm’.


Ben Shapiro made the comical, if cutting, remark that the portrait would suit Regina King better.


Others were less forgiving…



Some even went so far as to criticize the skill of the painter, saying it looked like a kid’s art project from school:

“Okay legit that Michelle Obama portrait looks like a sketch by a sixth grader,” Twitter user Ashley Rae said.

Michelle and Barack Obama saw their portraits at the Smithsonian gallery for the first time on Monday.

You can see their reactions in the video below:

But the portrait of President Barack Obama got some flak too:


Apparently, it looked like Beyonce’s birth announcement. Um. It kinda does, a little!


Others joked around!


The similarities to a scene from The Simpsons were also noted:


One Tweet pointed out that Obama himself reacted unfavorably to his wife’s portrait:

Source: Dailymail