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How To Create This Weird Valentines Day Makeup Look

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Hold on tight just a few days more, it’s Valentine’s Day y’all! We are trying to share a lot of different makeup looks so different types of people can relate to them. So if you are a wonderfully weird person and just hate to look like everyone else, this look is just for you. This Valentine’s you’re going to stand out!

YouTuber billiedawnwebb loves drinking a lot of coffee and doing her makeup so today she shares with us a very fun and special way to create this look. She uses a lot of bright colors and glitter so be aware. Let’s see what Billie’s up to:


For the face she decides to keep it simple and that means there isn’t going to be any contouring or highlighting. She applies foundation and concealer under the eyes. Later on, she applies some colorful studs on her face, beneath the eyes.



Now, all the attention is on the eyes. She goes with two different colors for each eye, red and pink. To make it even more special, Billie (an avid coffee drinker, by the way!) creates a gold cut crease and then adds black eyeliner. She completes the eye makeup with mascara.



For the lips she goes with a pink lipstick. Look at all these sticky rhinestones.

A weird look she promised, and a weird look she delivered. We think it’s adorable, though.


What do you think? You’re going to be one gorgeous weirdo, that’s for sure.

Tell us if you are willing to do this for Valentine’s.


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