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The Best And Weirdest Place To Wear Perfume


We know that perfume is sprayed on wrists. Behind the ears. Inside of the knees. Because we’re taught that these places pulsate and they’re warm, so that’s where perfume will smell the most and longest.

But, it’s quite possible that that person in your office who smells great all day, every day has perfume in their belly button.

Don’t believe us? Ask Liv Tyler! She actually told ‘Into The Gloss’ that her father taught her that trick. The idea is that this area emanates body heat and that’s what magnifies the effect of the scent.

Elizabeth Barrial, a perfumer at Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab, told HowStuffWorks that body heat can help intensify fragrance. Your belly button is centrally located, so it’s warmer than other parts. And that makes it the best place to apply. Even though it’s kind of weird. But in a good way.

As your belly button is centrally located, it is ostensibly warmer than the other parts of the body, making it an ideal place to apply perfume.

So, care to try it and tell us what you think? It’s said to last 7 hours!


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