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14 Weirdest & Funniest Things That These Mothers Found In Their Purses


For those of you that don’t know, a woman’s purse is like a piñata. You don’t have to beat it up for the treasures to pour out, in that respect, but they’re full of all kinds of interesting and sometimes hilarious surprises.

With that in mind, here’s a gallery of the very funniest thing that women have found in their purse, compiled by Aunty Acid.

1. Poor Grant…

He probably had a lot to live for… Oh well.

Anyway, this is the post that started the #mompurse trend on Instagram, and while it didn’t go exactly viral, everyone jumped on the bandwagon!

2. Oh look, it’s a doll!

3. Extremely high-tech

When you are a mom the bottom of your purse looks like this. On the plus side I found chocolate #mompurse

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4. This is everything that came out of this mom’s purse

5. You don’t need glasses to see that’s rancid

Anyone need a tangerine? LMK, I have an extra in my purse. #jezpez

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6. Now that’s disgusting

Just reached into my purse and found this!!! #mompurse #rheaumefamilyadventure

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7. Look at all those M&Ms!

Jenny’s #mompurse

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8. A completely random one here

#mompurse #momwin

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9. Not the most organized thing in the world

10. Did you see the handcuffs yet?

11. Total chaos

12. Keep the kids entertained

#mompurse #toddlerproblems #dinosaurseverywhere

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13. The ballet slippers are the obvious one but…

…what about that marker-looking item that says Tide on it?

14. Look at all that change!

I always find so many random things when I clean my purse out! A stretchy lizard…a toy car! Lol! Mom purse here

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Have you ever found something funny or strange in your purse? Share your stories in the comments!

Source: auntyacid

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