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Meat Wellness Ted – The Boyfriend Who Is Making Fun Of His Fitness Influencer Girlfriend


After he got together with his girlfriend Amy Hopkinson, Men’s Health journalist Edward Lane spent the following 18 months as her “Chief Photographer or Despondent Instagram Husband”. Edward told Business Insider how before he got together with his fitness influencer girlfriend, social media was “a place to tag friends so they could watch a funny video of a dog riding a unicycle.”

“All of a sudden I was having to stand on the sofa behind her to get a good angle of some porridge unsanitarily close to her feet, or awkwardly skulk behind her to avoid being caught on her morning story. I thought the whole thing was insane,” he said.

Edward saw “too many opportunities for ridicule to pass up” and in April 2017 set up his own account – @wellness_ted – a parody of the often-fickle world of Instagram influencers. Now, Wellness Ted is an influencer in his own right, with more than 20,000 followers.


His Instagram bio states: “Wellness Ted Preaching wellness one self-important #wellfie at a time Unqualified PT 🏋 Knowledge-free Nutritionist 🍆🍑 Public Figure 🙌🏼 London, UK 🇬🇧”


Edward’s girlfriend, Amy Hopkinson, is an editor at Women’s Health


“Abs are made at the weekend”


“A study by the University of Nowhere in Nowhereshire found that being happy reduces your levels of the stress hormone cortisol, and cortisol is responsible for fat depositing around your middle and covering your six-pack,” one of Ted’s posts reads.


Iosif Vissarionovich Dzhugashvili > Sarah Kohan


The account is an effort to “take the piss out of a lot of people who present themselves as holier-than-thou health crusaders, but who are actually using it as a free ticket to some south west London luxury lifestyle,” he told Mashable.


Wellness Ted’s first ever post reads: “Join me in my journey and through a combination of selfies, misguided nutrition advice, inspirational quotes and – of course – six-pack abs, we can make this world a well good place to be.”


One of Ted’s posts reads: “Some of you may have noticed my perfectly contoured face pop up across the World Wide Web yesterday. It seems the penny has dropped and the importance of a nugget-based diet, beer-filled hydration plan and health enhancing facts backed up by rigorous research from Sesh University is finally getting the international acclaim it deserves.”


“They truly believe that they’re on the front line, getting their hands dirty, while also swanning about in £500 ($649) worth of free Activewear on glamorous fitness retreats paid for simply by tagging the resort into an Instagram post,” he added.


It would be interesting to hear how Edward’s girlfriend, Women’s Health editor Amy Hopkinson, feels about Wellness Ted’s exploits…


“There’s been enough research into social media to reveal that there are a lot of vulnerable people out there looking for direction, and the problem is that the boring science of a top-end nutritionist or trainer just isn’t as sexy or appealing as the pretty girl subsisting on brunch and HIIT workouts,” he told Mashable.


Wellness Ted, already a well-known moniker for an account that was set up in April 2017


“DAT 🍑 LYF // I’ve very excited to announce the upcoming release of my 4-week #bootyplan and #gluteguide. Through a combination of squats and twerking – from here on out known asTHE SQWERKIN’ IT METHOD (patent pending) you too can get a butt this good. Tag in the comments the person you think would most love this #strongnotskinny plan just in time for summer! ☀️🍑💯”


“New trend alert – hotdog yoga”



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