Wendy Williams Criticizes Kim Over Chicago’s Reveal In Kylie’s Video

It seems like there has been a war of words between the 53-year-old TV personality Wendy Williams and 37-year-old reality star Kim Kardashian. The TV host called Kim a “selfish” mother for debiting her daughter Chicago on her sister’s pregnancy video. In the new mama’s revealing video of her pregnancy journey, Kylie holds baby Chicago and this is the first time the public gets to see the baby. Wendy had criticised Kim for this move, but sources close to Kim say that this is just unreasonable.


A lot of Kim’s fans were a bit disappointed by the way she revealed her third baby Chicago.


The big news was here. Twenty-year-old Kylie Jenner has given birth secretly on 1 February and posted an adorable video to show her pregnancy journey. One thing we didn’t expect was Chicago’s debut in public in Kylie’s video. The video showed a pregnant Kylie Jenner holding baby Chicago in her arms.

Fans of Kim were left unimpressed, while Wendy Williams just added fuel to the fire.

She called the reality star “selfish” for debuting her newborn daughter Chicago West in her sister’s baby reveal video.


Williams practically says that it was not Kim’s place there. This was her sister’s journey.


“Also in the video, we saw Chicago West for the first time, which is Kim and Kanye’s new daughter, which I thought was selfish,” Williams said during the Monday episode of The Wendy Williams Show when discussing the 11-minute video.

“This is Kylie’s moment to do Kylie’s thing and then Kim just showed up with the baby. I think it’s selfish.”

“I thought [the video] was cute,” Williams added. “But, she’s only 20, what a mess.”


But don’t you think that Kylie had a final say on the footage and the Chicago moment?

She had probably agreed for Chicago’s debut on her video.


“When you push out a baby, you push out half your mind,” Williams said to explain why Jenner didn’t edit Chicago out.


Sources close to the Kardashians told Hollywood Life that “As far as Kim is concerned, Wendy is a bitter, delusional troll — She’s just using Kim’s name to drum up publicity, yet again, and she’s best left ignored.”

Oops! Sorry, Wendy, but it looks like the Kardashians don’t really want your opinion.


Kim thinks that Wendy is fixated on her and needs to find a life of her own, according to sources.

“Wendy’s criticism is so ludicrous, because, let’s face it, if Kylie didn’t want Chicago in the video she would have had her edited out, I mean, come on now,” the source continued.

It seems like Wendy is a bit obsessed with Kim. “It’s like she watches her every move and analyzes everything she says, does, or wears,” the source proclaimed. “Kim thinks it’s about time Wendy got a life of her own and stopped fixating on hers.”


Here are more details on Kylie’s video.

Source: meaww