She Had A Disease, And They Called Her “The World’s Ugliest Woman”


A doctor was browsing through greeting cards when he found something horrifying. The cards said that there would be a dating game where his choice would be an “ugly” woman. The card featured a real woman’s face.

It was very brutal. The doctor was  furious about the card so he complained to the card manufacturer because in fact he knew who the woman was.

He knew all about the rare genetic abnormality over which she had no control. This is a story about Mary Ann Bevan who took the title of the “World’s Ugliest Woman.” Could you really believe it?

She was born in London in 1874, worked as a nurse and then at the age of 29, she married Thomas Bevan. Mary had four children with him.

When Thomas died in 1914, the symptoms of her disease began to show.


Source:Boredom Therapy

Her body produced excess growth hormones, which meant she suffered from acromegaly.

Eventually her body was affected, and she suffered from splitting migraines and muscle pain.


Despite her disease, she was a single mom and worked hard every single day to support her family. She entered a “homeliest woman,” contest for the prize money and won. From that time, she was known as the “World’s Ugliest Woman.”

But the next part of this story is devastating.



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