Wheelchair-Bound Father Stands Up To Walk Daughter Down The Aisle

Wheelchair-Bound Father Stands Up To Walk Daughter Down The Aisle


Maine’s Heather Duquette cried tears of joy to see her ailing father Ralph find the strength in his legs to walk her down the aisle.
He was diagnosed with leukemia in October 2012 and became wheelchair bound as a result of undergoing extensive chemotherapy.
The bride was preparing to accept the fact that she would have to walk down the aisle alone.
“We had talked about it about a year ago but we realized the condition he was in, it just wasn’t going to be possible,” Heather said.
However, Ralph had been planning this since Heather’s engagement in 2014. He had arranged with his doctor to be visited at home by a nurse and a physical therapist that would help him to get the strength back in his feet.
The only other person that was in on the plan was the wedding reception’s DJ. He, in fact, gave the cue when Ralph was supposed to stand up!
“When I saw him get up and come towards me I was overwhelmed,” Heather Duquette said. “I started crying uncontrollably in front of everybody.”

fatherIn the video we see a much distressed but willful Ralph standing up from his chair and making his first few steps towards his daughter.

“When she grabbed my hand I sort of felt safe and walked down,” Ralph Duquette said.
In some certain instances of the video, we see Ralph’s legs shake a little bit, as he is still fragile and probably overwhelmed. Heather is trying her best to help him balance himself on his legs.
“It was so amazing, she was so happy. It was something that every father dreams of,” said Ralph.
Later at the reception they both danced to Al Martino’s “Daddy’s Little Girl”.
“It was the biggest day of my life and my father gave me the biggest surprise of my life,” she said.


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