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White Dog Gives Birth To The Cutest Black Puppies


Everyone who owns a dog is certain that it becomes an equal part of the family. We love them like children because that is what they remain, children until the end of their life.

You need to take care of them every day, feeding them with appropriate food for their age, walking them a couple of times during the day. When they don’t feel well, you take them to the vet, to get prescriptions. They want to feel loved and in return, they will love you back triple. To them, you are everything! Having a dog is one of the most beautiful experiences you will have in life

However, owning a dog is not an easy thing, it is a lot of responsibilities. But everyone who has one says that it is totally worth it. People who breed pooches take care more about the dog than themselves. Not only taking care of the pregnant do but preparing the home for the newborn puppies creates new responsibilities.

Puppies, the cutest and sweetest fluffy creatures, are really difficult in the few first weeks. Jacqueline Arguello, 19, from Pharr, Texas, has a lot of experience with raising puppies.


Jacqueline Arguello is truly a dog lover.


Arguello was head over hills when she found out her dog Mocca got pregnant.


Mocca is a white poodle, same as her baby daddy, so everyone was expecting fluffy, white puppies.


It was a shock when all the puppies turned out to be black, from the very first to the last one!


Did Mocca sneak out and somehow breed with another dog was what everyone wondered, but they’re almost positive the poodle is the only possible father — he’s been the only one Mocca spent any time around. And female dogs don’t want to mess around with just anyone.


What Arguello assumed is what actually happened. However, it’s possible for two white-furred dogs to produce dark-furred puppies if they carry the dark-fur gene.


In the end, it doesn’t really matter as long as they’re just happy the puppies are healthy and sweet, and Arguello and her parents can’t wait to spend more time with them.

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