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The White House Shows Off Its Christmas Decorations

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‘Tis the season to be jolly and judge other people’s Christmas decorations’. Or, to try and up our game when we see someone doing a much better job. Like the White House, for example.

Competing with the White House? If you’re even thinking about it, you might as well not even unpack your decorations this year, because what you’re about to see will Blow. Your. Mind.


Will you look at that? It’s like a fairy tale that has flags for some reason. Almost makes you want to announce your  candidacy now, and win the next elections just so you can drink your cocoa in that room, and open presents under that tree. Although, you know, if you have a problem with that tree in particular, then look at this.


Can you believe it? Go ahead and watch the video to see more of this gorgeous, Christmas-y setting. You may not have as many and as large rooms, but you’re sure to be inspired and get yourself in that holiday spirit.

Source:CBS News

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