The White Stuff On Your Chicken? Now We Know!

The White Stuff On Your Chicken? Now We Know!


A recent video pulished on the CompassionUSA YouTube channel gives an account of the state of white chicken meat it the USA today.

Six people were approached. A Compassion in World Farming activist asks: ”Why do you choose chicken?”

The premise of the video is to bring people to light about the state of white meat today.

So, what’s going on with chicken?

A recent study conducted by the University of Arkansas and Texas reports that: “the severity of white striping has increased in recent years.”

White striping is the most common form of myopathy (muscle disease) found in chicken today. It affects heavier birds.

“To meet the demand of this fast-growing industry, processors are adopting high breast-yielding strains of broilers that meet the needs in the growing heavy debone market segments.”

Chickens are genetically manipulated to grow very big, very fast.

As a result, chickens today are at about twice the body weight compared to 50 years ago.

“Challenging birds to attain high body weight within a short period of time can cause various meat quality problems”, reads the University of Arkansas and Texas report.

This causes a strain in the bird’s muscles. The result of this strain is the condition called white striping.

chicken 1

White striping makes for the 224% more fat in chickens. There are other negative attributes such as: ”water holding capacity attributes as cook loss and marinade uptake of whole muscle fillets”.

Representatives of the National Chicken Council released a statement for Buzzfeed noting that white striping affects only “a small percentage of chicken meat.”

Mainly “larger birds” are endangered and the disease “does not create any health or food safety concerns for people.”

People buy white meat since it is the most affordable and most versatile form of meat. You can prepare just about anything with chicken and it doesn’t take much time. And on top of that you are getting your dollars’ worth!

Speaking of chicken, KFC just one-upped itself with the launch of their new product Chizza.

It’s a large chicken breast fillet. With cheese and toppings on top! Well, I kinda want to forget everything and have a taste…


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