After His Wife Dies He Finds A Note In Her Checkbook, What She Wrote Left Us In Tears


Jimmy and Billie Breland got married in 1954. They were a very happy couple from Mississippi, who enjoyed 60 years of marriage. Their family grew a lot time over time expanding from children to grandchildren.

Billie, a former public school teacher, was an avid note writer. She always left messages and reminders to herself around the house. When she passed away on June 13, 2015, Jimmy’s heart was broken.

After two days, Jimmy noticed a note tucked in her checkbook. So, the final note she left was for him. When he plucked the note from her checkbook, he couldn’t believe what he saw.

[H/T: Cliff Sims for Yellowhammer News]


In 2015, Cliff Sims wrote a story about his dear grandparents for Yellowhammer News.

The story of course reveals the unexpected note his grandmother aka “my Mimi” left behind.


While Billie was a former public school teacher and Jimmy a Baptist student minister at the local university, they touched countless lives in the Mississippi community.


Billie’s health began to decline during the 2015 holiday season. Her husband was by her side every single second in the hospital. She passed away at the age of 83.



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