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A Cruise Ship Passenger Murders His Wife Who “Wouldn’t Stop Laughing” At Him


One would expect laughter to be an important ingredient in the success of any healthy relationship, but during a week-long Alaskan cruise, it proved to be the death knell of a woman who was shockingly murdered by her husband because “she wouldn’t stop laughing” at him.


Kenneth Manzanares from Utah murdered his wife Kristy on the second day of a week-long Emerald Princess Cruise in their cabin as “she would not stop laughing at him in front of their children”. Security on board the boat found her in their room at 9 pm on Tuesday, the 25th of July with a severe head wound after one of their children ran out of the room asking for help. Kristy Manzanares was pronounced dead 20 minutes later.


The couple boarded a cruise ship with 3,400 passengers in Seattle, Washington on the 23rd of July on a round trip to Alaska that was set to last seven days. Parents-of-three, 39-year-olds Kristy and Kenneth were celebrating 15 years of marriage. The victim, who worked in real estate in Utah, was found with a severe head wound, and her blood was all throughout the cabin “on multiple surfaces”.

“Upon entering, they observed Kenneth Manzanares had blood on his hands and clothing. One of the witnesses… advised that when he entered the room he observed KM [Kristy Manzanares] lying on the floor covered in blood. […] [The witness] observed Manzanares grab K.M.’s body and drag her toward the balcony,” part of a police statement reads.


The witness then dragged Kristy’s body back into the cabin by the ankles, at which point cabin security arrived to restrain her husband. The murder occurred at the same time a murder mystery dinner was taking place on the ship, and caused confusion when it was announced via the intercom.

Kenneth was arrested by the Federal Bureau with the help of the US Coastal Guard after the ship was diverted to Juneau, Alaska. The FBI sent 12 agents down to process the crime scene, interviewing around 200 passengers and crew members. While he was being searched, Kenneth Manzanares spontaneously declared: “my life is over”.


Kenneth Manzanares who is charged with murder appeared in court via teleconference on Thursday, the 27th of July in the US District Court in Alaska where he is charged with his wife Kristy’s murder. No photographers were allowed inside the courtroom but members of the public present described how the shackled 39-year-old wept as a federal judge appointed him a public defender. Manzanares is due to appear before a federal grand jury this week.


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