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Wife Tries To Get Her Husband To Cheat On Her So That She Can Divorce Him


If you haven’t already heard about the scheme called “honey trapping”, get ready to enter the world of romantic and sexual relationships schemes. It refers to the act of using these relationships to the detriments of one party involved in the affair. You can see these anywhere, starting from private investigators, to spies, but also ordinary people. Amateur “honey trapping” is now a thing and goes on the YouTube video channel To Catch A Cheater. Julie was one of the women who had the audacity to go to this channel to force her husband to cheat on her, and if lucky, to get a divorce from him. Be careful, though, you might end up shocked or disappointed.


To Catch A Cheater normally deals with finding out whether a partner is cheating or not. They employ actors to flirt with the people and they are secretly filmed. Julie went to ask for help because supposedly, her marriage was falling apart. She says that her husband is “verbally abusive” and calls her names during arguments. Therefore, she went to make a test to see if he can at least cheat on her so that she divorces him. What a thing to do!

As soon as she’s ready to watch the video, she says: “I’m ready for my life to begin.” And, these it goes. The attractive woman named “Kristina” starts testing out Julie’s husband, starting a conversation with him in front of his office building. And as time passes, it seems like her flirtations are working, but what happens next?

Julie’s husband politely replies: “No, thank you” and wants to leave. Can you guess Julie’s reaction? She is shocked and moans with frustration.

This does not end here. After Kristina is persistently following him and slaps him on the rear, he goes wild. “I said no, I mean it!”

Julie is devastated. Her actions are totally contradictory, though. She claims to be a serious Christian woman. The host questions whether she would pretend she had cheated to get rid of him, but she refuses. “As a Christian woman, my reputation is pretty serious”. And when she’s asked whether her God would approve of what they are doing, she answered: “Well absolutely, because God wants me happy”.


The video has, of course, gone viral, with over 396,000 views in just a few days. Video commenters are also furious, but at Julie, claiming that she is far from Christian woman, doing such thing as hi to her husband. Also, commenters keep claiming that the participants of the show are all actors. Elvis commented: “The more I watch this guys videos I think they’re staged with actors.”

Whether be true or not, let’s hope Julie and her husband find a mutual decision on their future life.

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