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Wife Watches Husband Cheating With Another Girl In Tears


Finding out that your partner is cheating on you is no laughing matter. I mean, just think about how those people feel; they fall in love with somebody, they’re together, and then they find out that their other half is cheating on them with someone. They’re livid, furious, angry and other emotions that I can’t think of at the moment that synonymize anger.

Apparently, this YouTube channel called To Catch a Cheater is dedicated to secretly filming people who are cheating on their partners.

cheating 1What these people do is they go out and film someone’s partner unnoticeably as they are talking with someone else, making plans to hang out etc.

For example, in this video which was uploaded last year and has almost 4.2 million views features the wife of an unnamed gentleman watching footage of him talking to a girl. But the way the girl approaches the gentleman is… something else. And I don’t mean that in a good way.

cheating 2

At first, everything seems to be fine when the girl, who claims to be called Natalie sits down on the table with this man asking him where Del Amo Mall is.

cheating 3But then it all goes downhill as the lady reveals that she didn’t even want to know where the mall is and just started complimenting the pixelated guy on how cute he was. And even when he showed his wedding ring to the so-called Natalie, she still asked him to hang out.

cheating 4

At this point, the wife is in tears and Natalie seals the deal when she asks the gentleman if he has condoms, cementing the truth that he is cheating on his wife.

Of course, one could tell this is fake. Yeah, it may be heartbreaking and sad, but it’s very obviously a staged act. I mean, how does a completely random girl sit down and tell a guy that she is seeing for the first time in her life how cute he is, asking him to hang out, and asking him if he will bring condoms despite the guy showing the wedding ring on his hand? The video is very obviously staged, these people are actors, and I think most of the commenters agree with me.

“Any guy who believes this s##t would happen randomly, is f#####g retarded.

You could smell this setup from a mile away.” one commenter said.

What do you think?

Source:To Catch a Cheater, 9gag

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