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This Is What Christopher Reeve’s Son, Will, Has Been Up To


The youngest son of the Superman actor Christopher Reeve, Will, is making sure that his legacy is living still. The 22-year-old is one of the three reporters that joined ESPN’s SportsCenter team with Reese Waters and Sarina Morales. The show is trying to increase its appeal with millennials.

“I’ll be different from a traditional SportsCenter reporter because I won’t be behind a desk in a suit,” said Reeve, for the TheWrap.

“These stories are not going to appear on air and then fade off — they are going to get an extended life digitally and on social media.”


Will was very young when his father got paralyzed in a horse riding accident in 1995. His wife Dana was by their side also helping the star to raise millions of dollars investing in stem cell research. 10 years after, Christopher was battling some infections and suffered a heart attack as an reaction to antibiotics. He passed away in October 10, 2004, suffering another cardiac arrest. Will was only 11 years old then.

After losing his grandmother after e few months, his mom Dana died at the age of 44 because of lung cancer after 17 months. Will was raised by family friends in Bedford, New York, but he always made sure to hold his family next to his heart.

“Everything I do, I try to honor my parents’ legacy,” Reeve says according to Shared. “I want to keep their names alive.”

Will Reeve now is making sure to keep the family legacy alive. This is how he looks all grown up. You can definitely see the family resemblance.


Will ran for the New York City Marathon in 2016 and his only goal was to finish the marathon in honor for his parents. The other goal he set for himself was to raise $35,000 for the Christopher and Dana Reeve Foundation, where he is a board member.

He admitted that he was planning to do this marathon for many years now but always ended re-scheduling it for “the next year”.

“Finally I realized, ‘What kind of example am I setting when many of the people in the spinal-injury world for whom I advocate would do anything just to be able to step up to the starting line?’ ” he says.

He ran with a team of 50 members and then he went downtown to watch football with his teammates to relax.

Reeve says he “drew inspiration from his parents through the race.”


“Everything they did was the embodiment of courage, bravery and strength,” he says. “Every day was a new fight, a new battle that my parents tackled together. My folks instilled great values in me. One of the things they taught me from an early age is that when you’re doing something, you’d better go all the way.”

He says that they would be proud for his new job.

“Hopefully they would get a kick out it,’ he said for TheWrap.

‘The things I am interested in and passionate about are similar to what they were. My parents definitely define who I am.”

After graduating at Vermont’s Middlebury College he has been writing and reporting gigs at ESPN.

“ESPN was like a member of the family because it was always on,’ he said. ‘It is not only a dream job, it is my dream job … I just hope I don’t screw it up! I don’t want my dream to be taken away from me.”


Will also keeps his father’s charity work via the Christopher and Dana Reeve Foundation with his older half siblings, Matthew and Alexandra.

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