You Will Not Believe There Is No Photoshop Used In These Pictures

Photoshop photo

We can always get the perfect picture using a lot of effects and Photoshop. But it isn’t that easy to take a picture that will blow your mind without the use of Photoshop. One of the best ways to create surreal pictures naturally is via the use of reflections. They play with your own perspective causing optical illusions in the pictures.

Take a look at the pictures below to see the awesomeness. These pictures are collected by Pored Banda and the list includes the most unbelievable optical illusions caused by reflections you will ever find. They are funny, beautiful and guaranteed to play with your mind. Enjoy!

#1 This reflection creates a moon.


#2 This photo is a reflection in a puddle that makes the gravel look like a starry night sky.


#3 The amazing Hyde Park in fall.

Source:gabriele corno

#4 The reflections on these pots lined up perfectly.


#5 Flowers in a water drop.

Source:Miki Asai

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