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Prince William And Duchess Kate Have A SImple Technique That Makes Them The Most Attentive Parents


Cheers to all the Royal family fans! Are you thrilled about the upcoming baby? Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge and wife of Prince William, is expecting her third child in April or May next year. The 35-year-old beauty is not only a role model for Royal fashion, but an excellent mom too. Will and Kate are many’s favorite couple as they grace everyone with their generosity and smiles whenever they appear. The media caught something adorably cute about them that makes them the most attentive parents ever. And it’s something you probably won’t notice at first.

Prince William and Duchess Kate Are Setting a Good Example with This Parenting Technique

Source: Town and Country

It’s a parenting technique that isn’t anything new, but it’s totally effective. According to the Child Development Club, bending down to a tot’s eye level does a lot!

People who work with young children spend their time kneeling, sitting cross-legged, or crouching. This is not only for the sake of being comfortable, as you may think. These positions make you very short and children can read your face and look at your mouth when you talk.

They can see all the articulators, including the lips, teeth, and tongue as they form words. This is very helpful because it’s how children learn to form words themselves. They can hear you well and then imitate you. Plus, they take your words more seriously when you are in this posture.

Kate and Prince Wiliam do it perfectly, but they are not the only ones, of course. The former president Barrack Obama does it, too. Can you agree that these three guys below are beyond adorable?


Source: Town and Country

It turns out that not everyone is so pleased and comfortable with this eye contact, though. Apparently, the most important resident of Buckingham Palace isn’t a fan herself. Back in 2016, cameras captured the Queen scolding her grandson, Prince William, while he was crouching down next to his toddler son. This happened at a public event.

The Queen may not agree for the members of the royal family to do it in public, but they do it very often.

Here are some more things they do that makes them great parents.

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