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Twilight Zone In Monica’s Apartment – Did You Notice This Weird Thing In ‘Friends’?


There might not be a single ‘Friends’ fan who didn’t wish they could live in Monica’s apartment, at least for a week. It was real-estate royalty, it was huge, and there was no way they could afford living in it, but so, so cool.

But did you notice that the window in the kitchen is sort of… Twilight Zone-ish?


At a FriendsFest event, fans could see everything up close. And Hello Giggles managed to notice something pretty weird with that window – it changed multiple times during the show’s history.

1. Two other windows?


There was a time when TWO other neighboring windows could be seen. And one even had its own miniature awning.



2. A washing line, a balcony and one neighboring window.


Now washing lines are showing up and a wrought-iron balcony. Which is quite close to Monica’s window.


But the weird thing is, there only ONE window, and it’s positioned differently!


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