What If Each Winnie The Pooh Character Represents A Mental Illness?

What If Each Winnie The Pooh Character Represents A Mental Illness?

Winnie the pooh

Winnie the Pooh is one of the greatest fictional characters, mostly because he captured the imagination of millions upon millions of children. For many of us, Christopher Robin’s stories are one of our most cherished childhood memories, with all the characters almost being our fictional friends.

But little did we know about what these characters represented – or, maybe – could represent. We’re pretty naive when we’re kids, but as grown-ups, we can sometimes peek behind the great curtain of the Wizard of Oz and see all the machinery whirring, all the strings being pulled, with all the mystery finally explained.

Sometimes it makes us disappointed, but other times, even more impressed. Well, turns out that in the case of Winnie and friends, they all resemble a certain mental illness (at least, according to Shared). So let’s take a moment and see what the deal is.

1. Winnie the Pooh

In case you couldn’t tell, it’s sort of obvious that Pooh Bear struggles with what appears to be ADHD. His disorganized lifestyle, randomness, constant forgetfulness and scattered thoughts indicate ADHD pretty strongly.

Winnie the pooh1

2. Eyeore

Have you ever seen him happy? Or even mildly satisfied…? Right. Obviously, the poor donkey is struggling with severe depression.

Winnie the pooh2

3. Roo

The cute little kangaroo, son of Kanga, seems to embody someone struggling with autism. His behavior kinda supports that conclusion: sometimes he’s sitting calmly in his mother’s pouch, other times ends up in danger, and yet other times doesn’t notice anything happening around him.

Winnie the pooh3

4. Piglet

Can you tell? I bet you could, but even saying it makes you… Anxious! Yup, Piglet is the very epitome of anxiety.

Winnie the pooh4

5. Kanga

Roo’s mom is a constant worrier – but also a single parent trying to survive in the Hundred Acre Wood. This makes even more sense if Roo is indeed on the autism spectrum – besides struggling to make it in life, mom Kanga is also always keeping an eye on Roo. Or keeping him nicely tucked in her pouch. All of her worries makes us think Kanga has the Social Anxiety Disorder.

Winnie the pooh5

6. Rabbit

Pretty much the poster child for OCD. Rabbit is obsessed with having everything perfectly organized, and even the slightest interruptions of that harmony cause him great distress. He’s always agitated when things aren’t in perfect order, so… Pretty much a nice case of OCD you have there, Rabbit.

Winnie the pooh6

7. Tigger

Oh, right, not hyperactive at all. This guy just can’t sit still for a moment, and nearly every decision he makes is wildly impulsive, at the spur of the moment.

Winnie the pooh7

8. Christopher Robin

And… it’s all a part of Christopher Robin’s wild imagination. But he’s actually interacting with all the animals, which leads us to the conclusion that Christopher might possibly suffer from schizophrenia. Thankfully, for a hallucination, it’s a pretty kind and entertaining one – and we love all of his fictional friends!

Winnie the pooh8

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