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8 Ideal Presents For That Friend Who Is Always Cold


Winter is here, it really is here. You have probably already looked for your old sweaters, coats, scarfs, and hats, but sometimes it just seems like nothing can really get you warm enough. And you probably have at least one friend who is always, always freezing. During winter you constantly see them shaking or breathing into their hands in order to get a bit warmer. It seems like they never stop complaining about how cold they are, even when it is sunny and warm outside. They are the forever warmth-seeking soul.

However, with winter come Christmas and New Years’ Eve, and with that, the season of exchanging gifts. So, you might as well get them something that will not only warm them up on the outside but from the inside as well.

Why not surprise that person who always feels like their life is a never-ending blizzard?

The following list with perfectly cozy and warm gifts, courtesy of Diply, will help you choose the ideal winter gift for your friend who is never warm enough.

And, of course, you can find something warm and wintery for yourself as well.

1. Fingerless mittens

The hands are one of the most body parts most exposed to cold temperatures. And no, you can’t always wear gloves, can you? How often have you seen your friend breathing on their hands in order to warm them up a little? Since simply giving them gloves might be boring, you can purchase these adorable cozy mittens which give the freedom to wiggle the fingers while keeping the hands constantly warm.


Source: Etsy | knititouthandmade

2. Fuzzy socks that fit inside boots

Something for cold feet, too. Why not buy a pair for yourself and another one for your friend who is always cold? They are fluffy enough to keep tour feet warm. Plus, take a look how cool they look.


Source: Charmingly Styled | J.Crew

3. A big comfy blanket!

This would be the perfect winter present. Your friend will be forever grateful. The bigger and fluffier, the better. It is ideal to wrap yourself for a cozy movie night. And don’t forget the wine and the popcorn!


Source: Etsy | Ohhio

4. Bath bombs!

How often do you dream about a warm bubbly bath after long, cold day? I bet, almost every day, right? You should get that special someone a sweet-scented bath bomb, ideally, together with few candles that will turn their ordinary hard day into a cozy and relaxing evening.


Source: Instagram | @musee_bath

5. A cookbook!

This one is so original. Surprise your friend with a cookbook so they can keep their tummy perfectly warm and full during the winter. The best part, of course, is that you could invite yourself to dinner!


Source: Amazon

6. The cutest fire starter

You can get really creative and make your own or buy one. In addition, write them a loving and inspiring note.


Source: Something Turquoise

7. An adorable headband

Instead of giving them an ordinary and boring hat, you can buy one of these adorable headbands which protect both the head and the ears. Plus, it has cute small fox ears to add to the charm. If you know how to knit, you could make one with panda’s ears, too.


Source: Etsy | NatalieKnit

8. The Toasty Mug

This one is so innovative and fun. The hot tea keeps the belly warm, while the cup brings ice-cold hands to room temperature.


Source: Instagram | @tacitadecafe_
From: diply

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