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These 20 Wives Are Certainly Having Some Fun With Their Husbands

These 20 Wives Are Certainly Having Some Fun With Their Husbands

Marriage is the all-encompassing symbol of love. Okay, most of the time. While marriage on its own is a beautiful thing, it’s no fun without one of the participants of the relationship trolling the crap out of the other one, and here, it’s the wives that are trolling the ever living heck out of their husbands. Prepare to laugh, and if you’re soon becoming a wife, good luck and we hope you find some inspiration to play around with your boy.

1. “Can I get a little something for breakfast?”

That was the request this husband made, and that’s exactly what he got!


Source: Instagram | @werezombie

2. A bite was missing from all of these donuts

Still not enough to stop any husband from eating them!


Source: Instagram | @judithprietht

3. This will make every night that much sexier


Source: Instagram | @abundantathena

4. This is the proper way to pack lunch for your hubby


Source: Instagram | @gloriastephanierios

5. That husband must have some pretty serious gasses


Source: Instagram | @prismatic_lyfe

6. There’s no escape from this face

Who remembers where it comes from? Raise your hand!


Source: Instagram | @jennysmith0117

7. Sleepy middle-aged Deadpool


Source: Instagram | @kapoorebiz_intl

8. This wife really seems to love Anabelle


Source: Instagram | @fitscientia

9. This will probably hurt

Probably not as much as Legos though.


Source: Instagram | @lesssugarmoreveggie

10. The family inspo board was used to display some DMX lyrics

To show what the wife was feeling like at that moment in time. Clever!


Source: Instagram | @carloschernandez

11. This wife was sick of her husband’s ripped jeans

So she ripped them even more!


Source: Instagram | @tobzdenton

12. Good job on keeping him encouraged


Source: Instagram | @jedimason

13. She bought spider plants even though her husband hates them


Source: Instagram | @lovecocoandcoffee

14. Making this husband feel good about himself


Source: Instagram | @deoppressoliber_

15. Googly eyes everywhere


Source: Instagram | @cookiesunlockingfun

16. This is what’s going to happen to the husband quite soon

Better illustrate it in the best way possible!


Source: Instagram | @gwu_mrw

17. This wife is not messing around anymore


Source: Instagram | @dumpaday20

18. Oh look it’s a tiny taco!


Source: Instagram | @kcama3

19. Going to change the air filters when… AH IT’S JOHN MCCLANE!


Source: Reddit | AelyneMB

20. This is what happens when you forget to empty the diaper pail


Source: Instagram | @essentialmermaid

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