Woman Buys Cheap iPhone On A Black Friday Sale, Gets Served 11 Potatoes

Woman Buys Cheap iPhone At A Black Friday Sale, Gets Served 11 Potatoes


Well, isn’t life just full of surprises! One woman just got very surprised: she spent $100 on what she was told was an iPhone 6, but it turned out that it was just 11 potatoes. Talk about getting served.

And it all gets blamed on this year’s Black Friday sales. Which we should probably rename Black Week sales because the sales and discounts and promos (and yaddda yadda yadda) seem to last for a whole week now.

And while there’s a lot of good deals to be made (lucky me), there’s also a lot of scamming going around. But most of us are decently well-equipped to recognize when something smells fishy. Or maybe that’s just wishful thinking on my part, seeing as today’s story is about a woman who got scammed by a truck (courtesy of LadBible).

A firm NOPE, that one.


The woman, who is, by the way, American, said she saw a black truck on the street, decorated with a bunch of balloons and a sign saying “Black Friday Sale.” So, she thought to herself… Well I’m not actually sure what she thought, because she went up to the black truck (not suspicious at all), and decided to “check the wares.”

In the video, she says: “They have everything you could name: clothes, shoes, watches, purse, bundles of hair, DVDs, CDs – everything – phones, laptops. So, I ask the guy about the iPhone 6 and he’s like, “Ah yeah, today, I will give it to you for $100″.”

Now, I guess it could’ve struck her as a little odd that this iPhone was actually not visible – instead it was neatly enclosed in a cardboard box wrapped in paper saying “iPhone 6.” She asked to see it, but the man denied, saying that it was already activated and even let her ring the number.

And she took the bait.

Source: ViralHog

After she gave him a hundred dollars, she went home, opened the box and found this:


Which looks like a pretty expensive meal for $100. Made up of 11 potatoes, that come in at around 9 bucks per potato. Um. As a final insult, however, the scammer also put an Android charger right next to the potatoes. That guy should never, ever, be a cook.

Source: ladbible

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