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Woman Decided To Accept Men’s Compliments And Her Social Experiment Went Viral


Feminista Jones is an author, social activist, and full-time social worker based in Philadelphia. She uses social media to start discussions that affect women’s issues, especially for women of color. On May 12, though, she tweeted a different challenge. She wrote: “Piss a man off today: Tell him you agree with his compliment of you.”

Whenever people compliment you, you often feel the urge to become the most modest person on the planet and disagree with the comment. We feel that it’s the best to do so that the other person will feel good. This is true when men compliment women, too. It happens on a daily basis. You co-worker will compliment your hair, and you will go on explaining how your hair was a mess, but you hope the latest stylist is going to be good. Sometimes, though, women decide to accept the compliment and thank the man for saying it. Feminista Jones is one of these women who decided to take it up to science and see what will happen if she accepts men’s compliments. Her social experiment went viral and many other women followed up.

Jones starts this by explaining why women are taught to act humble.  “Generally we’re taught that we’re not supposed to compliment ourselves,” she adds. This is something that is totally normal to the rest of the society. She then realized that whenever she replied with a simple straight-faced ‘thanks’ rather than the humble ‘thank you’ to a men’ compliment, the man would get upset. It is something men don’t expect to happen. “It’s the idea that they bestow the compliment on you, and you’re not supposed to be aware of it,” Jones told Buzzfeed.

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Here is a picture of Feminista Jones.


Here is how she started the social experiment.


After her tweet, a woman immediately responded adding a screenshot of her conversation with one man. This was her experience.


Feminista Jones also included her own stories.


These were used as a back up to the social experiment.


Saying thank you apparently is a bad thing.


This is what you’ll get as a response.



Now women everywhere are sharing their own experiences.


Women started doing this for fun, also.







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