Woman Ordered A Crop Top Online Without Realizing Its Major Flaw

Woman Ordered A Crop Top Online Without Realizing Its Major 1

It’s not exactly the best idea in the world to purchase clothes online. They might get lost in shipping, or they may not fit as expected when they do arrive. Olivia Skuce from Northern Ireland was unfortunately a victim of the negative side of shopping for clothes online.

The 21-year-old from Ireland ordered a haul of clothing from a website called PrettyLittleThings, among which was a trendy mesh crop top. Appropriate, since summer is coming up quite soon.

However, when the crop top did arrive and when Olivia attempted to try it on to see if it fits, only then did she notice the pretty major flaw in the clothing item’s design:

Hi @OfficialPLT just wondering why your top won’t fit over my head pic.twitter.com/MMbLNPDFfX

Olivia initially thought that the item she has received was either the wrong size or from the kid’s section, but as it turns out, a lot of other people on Twitter were having the same issues with the same crop top.

@OliviaSkuce @OfficialPLT It’s a global problem pic.twitter.com/HbFYG608GD

And when we say a lot, we mean a lot.

Remember kids: double check before you buy clothes online. You’re going to end up with problems like these, and that’s not nice.


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