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Woman Who Was Born With Birth Defects Transforms Into A Beautiful Bride


When Cody Hall from Northhamtonshire in the UK, was a kid, she never imagined she would live up to her own wedding ideal. She had a severe birthmark, thought to be a haemangioma. It was so large that it distorted the left side of her face. Her story, reported in the Sun newspaper, is inspiring and might bring a few tears to your eyes.

Doctors diagnosed Cody with haemangioma, which was luckily a non-life-threatening condition. They said they couldn’t operate on her until she was six. Apart from the facial deformity, Cody also had a large swelling on the left side of her face. Her parents started researching immediatly. They knew there was a danger she wouldn’t ‘fit in’ with society and would feel constantly rejected. Followingly, they started contacting doctors and begged them for help. Finally, they found a surgeon who specialized in serious children’s operations.


Cody’s parents also started a fundraiser and managed to collect the $303,462 required for the surgery soon after Cody’s first birthday. In the next fourteen years, she had another 18 operations and now she is completely transformed. After turning 15, it seemed that Cody could finally live a normal life. She remembered how difficult the years had been.

“When I started at secondary school I did get a lot of people asking questions and in the street, there would be people staring,” she said for the media.


“All the attention would sometimes upset me and I would come home and say I didn’t like it. But over the years people have realized I am who I am.”

Her confidence rose each day, and she was absolutely beaming when she attended her prom after finishing high school. Cody was finally ready to begin a new life.

The Sun

Cody met her husband, 27-year-old Lewis Holt, eight years ago and they got engaged last year. Interestingly, they met in the hospital as she was going through her surgeries. They got to know one another through the years and fell in love with each other quickly.

In the beginning of this month, they said their “I dos” at Michael’s Church in Great Oakley, Northants. Cody was a wonderful-looking bride!

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