Check Out This Woman's Disney-themed Baby-Bump Photos

Check Out This Woman’s Disney-themed Baby-Bump Photos


A woman’s pregnancy is something magnificent, and every woman who has experienced this would probably agree.

Often, couples who are expecting decide to create ever-lasting memories from this period.

That is the case with Jenn and Peter Boonsom, who came up with the idea to create photos that carry great meaning. Their biggest and happiest moments of their lives together have happened in Disneyland, as shared by Diply.

From the first time they said “I love you”, to their engagement and their fairytale wedding, it all happened in the most magical place on Earth – Disneyland.

So, when Jenn found out that she was expecting, she just knew she had to fit Disney into her pregnancy. And the best way to do that is through a Disney-themed photoshoot!

What carries even bigger importance, is the fact that the couple had been travelling a long and tough road. Before this pregnancy, she had two miscarriages.

However, in their toughest moments, Jenn received the news of her current pregnancy, which grew a sense of hope and love in her and her husband’s hearts.

Instagram | @pbandjellyjennInstagram | @pbandjellyjenn

The couple actually discovered that they were expecting during the same week that their second miscarried child had been due.

What they also discovered was that this baby was going to have a special due date.

“In the most beautiful twist of fate, we found out that not only were we pregnant again, but our rainbow baby has a scheduled due date the same week we lost our angel son last January.”

Instagram | @pbandjellyjennInstagram | @pbandjellyjenn

So, after they came up with the theme of the photoshoot, at 22 weeks, Jenn started posting baby bump photos while also holding a plush peanut that her husband had made.

What is inside that peanut, are emotional messages of love and hope from their families.

Instagram | @pbandjellyjennInstagram | @pbandjellyjenn

They baby’s due date is fast approaching, so guess where the couple has decided to celebrate their babymoon? Disneyland of course!

According to Jenn, the baby enjoyed the It’s A Small World ride, as well as their quick stops for churros.

Instagram | @pbandjellyjenn

If you want to see the rest of Jenn and Peter’s photos and learn more about their journey, head over to their Instagram profile or their blog.

Source: diply

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