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Woman Exposing the ‘Ugly Reality’ of Losing Nearly 200 Pounds

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Everyone has a breaking point when they hit rock bottom and know that if they don’t change what they’re doing, they’re going to stay right down there at the bottom.

Kayla Hurley has lost nearly 200 pounds. It’s not something she’d ever intended to be famous for, but within days of posting her story to Imgur, Hurley was everywhere. She was hailed as an honest voice for those who have lost large amounts of weight and for those who long to.The reason that Hurley’s story is so captivating isn’t because she looks like a completely different person.

After two years, she shed an astonishing 193 pounds and shared her incredible weight loss story on Imgur.



Hurley was always bullied for her weight but humiliation struck when her brother wanted to ride a rollercoaster and she found herself unable to fit on the ride. That’s when she decided she had to do something about her weight. It’s not like Hurley hadn’t tried to lose weight before. She’d been on Atkins, Weight Watchers, and even Herbalife.  At one point, she’d sent in an audition to The Biggest Loser hoping that it would make an impact, but she wasn’t chosen for the show. Then, a friend told her that she could lose weight if she just stopped eating things that were white. No potatoes, no bread, no grains of any kind. The process was difficult, but Hurley was ready to make a life change. Soon, she’d lost 20 pounds and her doctor approached her with the option of weight loss surgery. “I was hesitant because it’s a big operation,” Hurley says. She doesn’t recommend that anyone make the choice lightly.


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“You automatically expect the weight to just fall off, right?” Hurley asks. “It just doesn’t work like that and the first couple of months after surgery, I actually ended up gaining weight. The missing element, it turns out, was exercise. After another talk with the same friend who’d suggested the pre-surgery diet, Hurley began going to the gym, something she calls ‘the bane of her existence.’

“Here it is, it’s ugly but it’s the reality of massive weight-loss,” Kayla wrote. “Loose skin. I mainly have it around my abdomen but I also have it around my upper chest and arms. It causes back and skin problems. It changes the way I can exercise and alters my center of gravity. I have to dress around my body instead of dressing the way I would like, there are certain things I can and cannot wear.”

Kayla noted that everything just takes her more time now, saying, “Loose skin changes what should be a 15 minute shower into a 30 minute because it needs its own care and drying or else it causes infections and other problems.”



Kayla is proud of where she is today even with loose skin, which is why she shared these real photos of her transformed body.



Even though Hurley is having her 15 minutes now, she’s not planning on quitting her fitness plan anytime soon. Nor is she going to stop telling people what it’s really like to lose nearly 200 pounds. It’s hard sometimes, of course, but her side of the story is also an important one.

Keep it up, Kayla!


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