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Woman Fits Into Sizes 5-12 Perfectly And She Slams Clothing Companies For Promoting A False Image Of Beauty


Looking at the number of your pants and realizing that you’ve come one size plus is a terrible realization for many ladies. Suddenly, you start punishing yourself and cutting down on regular meals, but you might also end up starving yourself. The real picture is something totally unexpected. Companies can give you false information of what your body should and could look like in terms of pants sizes and types. When Deena Shoemaker’s friend lost her home and asked for a pants donation, she went for a closet mission and found out something shocking.

Her “closet cleanse” then resulted in a poignant Facebook post about body acceptance. She explained that clothing size is so subjective as is the choice of a life partner and women shouldn’t give up their health to wear a certain size of pants.

Reaching over 62,000 likes and 91,007 shares on Facebook since she first posted this on December 11, 2016, Deena Shoemaker changed the lives of thousands of women.

It all started when she first entered her room to find pants for the donation. She had a ‘wow’ moment when she tried on pants that were all different size, including 5, 6, 8, and even 12. Shoemaker wore the same size for years, but in the end, this is what happened: all of the pants fit her in the same way. The 27-year-old trainer and counselor then decided to share this on her Facebook profile.

She wrote about the “bone to pick” with designers and clothing manufacturers who decide to constantly change what a size “4” or “12” is, depending on the garment or who made the clothes.

“To you; my dear beautiful girls, my size 2 girls or my size 18 girls, your size doesn’t determine your beauty; your life does,” wrote the Wichita woman. “The size printed inside your clothes is subjective to the fashion industry’s personal taste and it fluctuates rapidly. Stop believing the social normatives about who and what you should be.”

She screens and trains mentors at the non-profit Youth Horizons in Wichita, and has had a lot of experience with teen girls who asked her for advice. “I remembered all the times I’ve heard girls say they’re ‘fat’ because they went up a pant size, or talked about all the diets they’ve been on,” she told The Huffington post.



Companies and beauty magazines resize girls’ clothing all the time. Sometimes, they do it from 9 to 16, and label it “plus size”. Imagine what this feels like when you fit into them, and just yesterday you were a 9? Digits start to decide whether a girl eats her dinner or skips it.

Her post goes on: “STOP telling my girls that a size 4 is the “ideal body size” and the “epitome of beauty” if you’re going to change a size 4 into an 8 or a 12 or whatever number you feel like on any given day.”

The feedback she has received is wonderful. People burst into tears of happiness and thanked her for pointing this out.

It’s amazing that there are women like her that are here to change the perception about clothing industry and beauty in general.

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