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The Internet Went Crazy After A Woman Was Kicked Out Of The Pool Over Her ‘Inappropriate’ Swimsuit


Being in your normal swimsuit has become a luxury, at least for some. Something unusual happened to a 20-year-old Tennessee woman, when she decided to visit her apartment complex pool with her fiance in Knoxville. Tori Jenkins was allegedly ordered to get out of a public pool because her swimming suit was inappropriate and could “excite teen boys”. Are we 1917 again? No, but this is so bitterly real. This woman was also asked to pose for photos in her one-piece swimsuit so that people could see how “inappropriate” the swimsuit was, she claims for the media. And the situation got worse, but people also started showing support, so this event woke up many unanswered questions.


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Tori and her fiancée, Tyler Newman, went to hang out at their apartment complex’s pool on a normal hot day. However, shortly after, they were interrupted by the management team, who told Tori to cover up.


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The couple was outraged, and Tyler wrote up a scathing post on Facebook to call out the management after a humiliating experience.

“Today my fiancée was faced with either changing her bathing suit, covering up with shorts, or leaving the pool that we paid a $300 fee to maintain on top of a monthly rent of nearly $1000,” he wrote.


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The management did this because someone else had complained about Tori’s totally normal swimsuit, accusing her of wearing a thong. Then, Tori decided to go to the apartment office, and that’s where things got even creepy.


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The leasing consultant took pictures of Tori in the office, to make the situation even more embarrassing. And you call that appropriate? The consultant then told Tori that she wouldn’t want her kids around Tori, and that she couldn’t understand because she wasn’t a mother.

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For many people, this swimsuit is completely normal and there’s nothing inappropriate about it. Next, Tori admitted she had “a larger butt,” but then she heard some more things. The consultant added: “there are a lot of teenage boys in this complex, and you don’t need to excite them.”

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If you think that was the end of it, wait for some more! The consultant told her that Tyler shouldn’t be spraying sunscreen on her, and that her curvy body is “too inappropriate” for children to be around.


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Tori’s loved one wrote again.

“I’ve never seen my fiancée embarrassed to the point where she can’t even look her best friends in the face. I’ve never seen her cry like she did in our apartment today.”

“Never seen her want to be isolated like that. I’ve never seen a woman so disrespected.”


Source: Facebook | Tori Jenkins

After this incident, Tyler and Tori have received an encouraging amount of support. Thousands of people showed support by sharing their own stories as well.


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Tyler’s words were loud and clear: “My fiancée being told she should cover up… because she will ‘excite teenage boys’ is bullshit. My fiancée should be able to wear a bathing suit without being sexualized and demeaned.”


Women were very supporting, sharing their stories about finding the perfect swimsuit.


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Some called for the Smoky Crossings consultant to lose her job over her treatment of Tori.


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And many others suggested she and Tyler sue.


Social media also knows to add pressure on the bathing suits thing.

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Even British celeb Danielle Lloyd had to deal with body shaming, as people criticized her for wearing a bikini on the beach while she was pregnant.

“To all the people writing horrible comments saying I look like a washed up whale in these pictures I won’t let you get me down and try and body shame a pregnant woman! No women should be shamed for the way they look,” she wrote in reply.


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Also, here is another picture of a teenager that went viral. It happened after she posted about facing her biggest fear: wearing a swimsuit to the beach.


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This blogger wrote about her years of body image struggles, saying, “For most of my life I have hated my body. Despised it. Loathed it. Resented it… I’ve been terribly ashamed of its wobbles and dimples; like somehow they are the measure of who I am.”


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Finally, she took some pics and post them on Facebook, and found it freeing.


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And if we talk about swimsuit designers, we can say that there are some pretty wild ones out there.


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Tori just wanted to wear her swimsuit and have fun at the pool. But, apparently, someone had a problem with that. It’s outrageous.


Source: Facebook | Tori Jenkins

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